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Elite Position Training is a non-profit organization founded by Ramon Robinson as a way to provide elite football training and mentoring to young athletes, while also building relationships through character training and bonding. We are dedicated to not only developing better athletes, but better people and stronger families through various camps, private training, speaking engagements, and more.

With the ability to train athletes from all walks of life and everyone receiving the same attention to detail, Elite Position Training has helped train numerous prospects who’ve earned millions of dollars worth of scholarships in our brief yet powerful existence. Whether you’re simply wanting to improve your skill set to become a better player on your school team or you have the ambition and drive to play at the collegiate level, Elite Position Training can help you in all facets of your game.

Our staff of coaches and mentors are dedicated to serving communities around the area with one mission in mind: to make a positive impact on the lives of young football athletes by developing not only their athletic abilities but their character and knowledge. Elite Position Training provides training for a variety of football positions to communities all across the Carolinas and surrounding states to fulfill the mission of providing elite athletic training as well as elite character training. While we are most widely known for our intense one on one and group training, we also offer other opportunities for young athletes to be impacted by our staff who have years of experience on the collegiate and professional level.

We also have a vast connection with multiple media outlets to help showcase our best young athletes who are receiving college interest whether it be at one of our invitation only showcases or at one of our one on one or group training sessions. Those connections paired with our training has provided exposure for many of our young athletes and many have gone on to receive college scholarships to fulfill their dreams of playing college football and receive a free education for their hard work and training. It is our goal and mission to provide every athlete that trains with our program an opportunity to obtain a higher level of education whether it be through athletics or academics by stressing the importance of being a true student-athlete with great character.

Along with our football training, Elite Position Training offers private training, group training, team training, speaking engagements and showcase camps. All Elite Position Training programs are designed to provide an excellence-driven experience through the intentional integration of character development in an effort to make a positive impact to all those involved with our program.

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EPT Football Academy Vision & Mission Statement:

Our vision and mission is to take training athletes to an ELITE level by coaching them in a manner that provides an end result including the basics: more strength, greater talents and advancement in their areas of passion. More importantly, that leadership reaches them beyond the surface and helps create mentally tough, goal oriented, motivated and success driven individual

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