Scholarship Program

One of EPT highest priorities is to provide the opportunity for all families to attend a EPT event, regardless of their financial situation. With the help of private donations and business sponsorships, EPT offers full and partial scholarships for families that fit one or more of the following requirements:

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If you think that your child qualifies for a scholarship, follow the below instructions to apply:
Fill out the scholarship application.

Elite Position Training


P.O Box 8286
Greenville, SC 29604

EPT scholarship committee will review your application and notify you at least one week prior to the start of camp. There are limited scholarships available and all scholarship applications are due one month prior to camp.  Scholarships may not apply to the camper’s first choice location.

All applications have a $25 processing fee.  This fee is non-refundable, except in the case that the Scholarship Committee does not approve the applicant.



If you’d like to donate to the EPT Scholarship Fund or sponsor a child to attend camp, you can make a donation of the full camp tuition ($100 per scholarship) by pressing the link below.

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EPT Football Academy Vision & Mission Statement:

Our vision and mission is to take training athletes to an ELITE level by coaching them in a manner that provides an end result including the basics: more strength, greater talents and advancement in their areas of passion. More importantly, that leadership reaches them beyond the surface and helps create mentally tough, goal oriented, motivated and success driven individual

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