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Become a Elite Position Training corporate sponsor. As a sponsor, you will receive positive media attention from your association with Elite Position Training. You will be advertised through our many outlets, including social media, t-shirts, and signage. In addition, you will help to introduce a new generation of children to academic and athletic support and training. Your financial contribution will help provide 7 on 7 travel teams, EPT Skills Showcases, college tours, tutoring, mentoring programs, and scholarships for at-risk youth from low-income households.

All donations need to be made out to Elite Position Training and mailed to PO Box 8286 Greenville, SC 29604

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EPT Football Academy Vision & Mission Statement:

Our vision and mission is to take training athletes to an ELITE level by coaching them in a manner that provides an end result including the basics: more strength, greater talents and advancement in their areas of passion. More importantly, that leadership reaches them beyond the surface and helps create mentally tough, goal oriented, motivated and success driven individual

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